Published 19 March 2024

5 misconceptions Shopify merchants might have about Shopify mobile app

This guide reveals how to create a powerful Shopify app in MINUTES, without coding! Reach millions, boost sales, and unlock the full potential of your Shopify store.

Shopify Mobile App Misconceptions

Shopify apps don’t do much good if Shopify merchants don’t know their power and reach! You may hear things like “apps don’t work” “Shopify apps are too expensive” and maybe other things like “nobody buys with their smartphone”.

All these are myths and that’s why from Mobivogue we wanted to answer the most common misconceptions that users and Shopify merchants have before discovering all the doors that having your Shopify business available in an app opens.

Therefore, let’s see the most common and how an app is a before and after in your business and, most importantly; its ease and economy.

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Key takeaways

  • For top SEO and user experience, prioritize responsive website design that works flawlessly on all devices.
  • Ensure a fast website speed on mobile by addressing large media, unnecessary plugins, and slow hosting.
  • Mobile apps are crucial: Don’t miss out on the massive mobile market (2.1 million daily customers on Shopify) who prefer apps for faster browsing and higher conversion rates.
  • Shopify apps are easy to build: No coding needed! Set up your Shopify app in minutes and reach a wider audience.
  • Industry stats are real: Don’t doubt the success stories of Shopify app users like Allbirds and MVMT Watches. Millions are made through mobile apps!
  • People want your app: Customers prefer the speed and convenience of apps, with over 85% managing purchases through them.
  • Mobile apps are affordable: Forget expensive development costs. Shopify app builders like Mobivogue offer a cost-effective solution for global reach.

1. My business is too small for a mobile app


Your business may be small and may not even have been in business for very long. However, the most important thing is to be part of a huge market that is full of customers willing to buy products or services.

Before this, you should know that the daily market of customers around Shopify is approximately 2.1 million and almost 80% of them buy through their cell phones. People interact every second with their smartphones and you know what? you are losing thousands of opportunities a day to sell!

Another detail is that mobile apps convert 3x better than mobile websites and list statistics such as higher average order value and customer preference for apps. Of course, the important thing is not only setting up a Shopify store but it must also be optimized for search engines to exploit the full potential of these solutions.

2. Building and managing a mobile app is too difficult

why building mobile app is difficult

This is another myth or misconception that Shopify merchants have: it requires a lot of technical knowledge to set up your Shopify store into an app. Nothing is further from the truth: creating an online store and its online shop setup is very easy!

We have a free trial where 30 minutes of your time is more than enough to adapt all the processes of your business and have as a result an app adapted to your niche market and products and services. In addition, you will be able to configure everything so that the user has an immersive experience in your store and can be aware of all the news and new products you bring to market.

Our Shopify app development team will give you all the tools you need to get everything ready and available for one of the biggest marketplaces in the world in a few easy steps.

3. The industry statistics about mobile apps are fake

Industry specific statistics false

Maybe you say: “It’s impossible that Shopify’s marketplace is so big” or “It’s better to buy on the web than from my smartphone”.

That’s why it is important to always act from the veracity of the information and especially from the testimonials that entrepreneurs who have already taken this step with their Shopify site can give. Therefore, we leave you this testimony of a business called Allbirds that turns over 250 million dollars a year selling shoes and all this was thanks to that decision to take their business to an app.

There is also another success story: MVMT Watches, which became one of the top-selling Shopify stores in the world and it was all thanks to that conversion thanks to a Shopify app builder.

You can make a lot of money with your Shopify store if you are in the app market daily. That’s what Shopify app builders like Mobivogue are for and that’s why you need to know that the stats are very good. Look at these provided by

  • Global Presence: Shopify empowers over 4.8 million businesses across 175 countries, with the majority (62%) residing in the US.
  • Merchant Growth: The platform boasts over 1.75 million merchants, generating a significant $4.9 billion in revenue in the first three quarters of 2023 alone.
  • Reaching Customers: Shopify sellers are projected to connect with over 700 million buyers in 2024, highlighting the platform’s ability to facilitate vast customer bases.
  • App Ecosystem: Shopify offers a robust app store with over 8,000 options to customize and enhance online stores.
  • Transaction Volume: In 2022, Shopify processed a staggering $79.5 billion in order value, showcasing the platform’s role in facilitating commerce.
  • Financial Strength: Shopify’s market cap reached an impressive $94.81 billion in January 2024, reflecting its strong financial standing.
  • Teamwork: A dedicated workforce of over 7,000 people fuels Shopify’s continued growth and innovation.

4. People wouldn’t download my mobile app

people will not download your app

If you think people won’t download an app because no one knows you that’s wrong. If you already have a Shopify website, the idea is to have the mobile version so people can see all your products and services in a much faster and more accurate way.

Statistics point out that more than 85% of customers prefer to manage through apps because everything loads much faster there than on a website. This would explain the market of 2.1 people per day who visit the Shopify environment through Apps.

Another important detail is that people are going to download your app because the loading speed is much faster and various studies conclude that the loading speed is a determining factor in making a purchase decision.

For these reasons, there are solutions like Mobivogue that know this reality of Shopify merchants and thus offer them a fast alternative in which they can enter the largest market in the world.

Remember that we have a free version that you can test and configure immediately to see how your store looks like and for a one-time payment you can enjoy the power that gives you this type of design to boost your sales.

5. Mobile apps are too expensive

mobile app development cost

This is another one of the most common misconceptions we hear from Shopify merchants. That might be very true if we were living in the year 2015.

These days everything is different and in fact, Shopify app builders represent an economical and very versatile solution to make your business scalable. There is no way for a business to adapt and be ready for the big markets than with a builder.

In fact, Mobivogue is one of the few solutions on the market that has a one-time fee and includes multiple benefits. In today’s era, it is much cheaper to make your business scalable globally than it was in the past. Therefore, we invite you to learn about all the options on the market, especially our solution for Shopify merchants called Mobivogue.

So, having a mobile presence for your Shopify store is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. With millions of potential customers browsing and buying on their phones daily, neglecting a mobile app can mean missing out on a massive chunk of your target audience.

The good news is, creating a Shopify app doesn’t require complex coding or a huge budget. There are user-friendly app builders like Mobivogue that can help you get your Shopify store mobile-ready in minutes.

At Mobivogue, we have numerous tutorials, guides, and online courses dedicated to setting up a Shopify store, creating an online store with Shopify, developing a Shopify website, and marketing your Shopify business. Unlock the full potential of your Shopify online shop!

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